Club Meetings currently in person and via Zoom

Starting on the 5th of May 2021 we will be holding in person Club meetings for those who would like to attend in person we will also still be having it over Zoom. Our Temporary location for May 5th will be 510 2nd Street in Idaho Falls, ID at 7 pm
The room is being provided free to us by 2nd Street Offices There are no chairs in the room so if you have a folding chair you could bring please do.

Currently the College of Eastern Idaho campus is closed for us due to corona virus. We are still using Zoom to have some gatherings. To prepare, here is a link to Zoom training (website). They have live training each day so you can not only get the training but to experience being connected and watching. You have to register and attend the scheduled meeting. They also have it recorded so it can be view anytime. 

There is no cost to participating in a Zoom meeting. You may be asked to download something that will allow you to participate.

If you would like a ZOOM invite to attend contact Ben using the Contact Us page

Amateur Radio License Map.  See the hams around you. 

WinLink Wednesdays
There seem to be a lot of WinLink Wednesdays. Here is a link to one:
This is the North Texas Winlink Wednesday

Virginia EmComm Winlink Wednesday
Check in information for this Wednesday
General information for this WinlinkWednesday
Their Facebook Page

ERARC Objectives
  • To promote interest in Amateur Radio.
  • To further the cooperation between Idaho Falls area Amateur Radio Operators.
  • To provide emergency or public service communications when normal means of communications are disrupted.
  • To advance the state of the Amateur Radio art through individual and collective research.
  • To otherwise conduct programs and activities so as to increase the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community.
  • To support lawful, responsible conduct by its members and the amateur fraternity in general

Live Audio (30 sec delay) from the 146.64mhz ERARC Repeater
Listen to our weekly net every Tuesday at 9pm