Club Meetings
Club Meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m
College of Eastern Idaho (website)
Room 124 of the John O. Sessions Mechanical Building (map)
1600 South Hitt Road, Idaho Falls, Idaho (map)

The ARRL has submitted a proposal to band changes to the FCC Check out link below

However, remember these changes have not been approved by the FCC yet.

August Picnic

Eagle Rock Amateur Radio Club annual picnic Wednesday 5 August 2020

We have reserved the WEST pavilion at the North Bingham County Park, 587 E 1250 N, Shelley, ID 83274. Take exit 108 off I-15 south of Idaho Falls on to E 1250 N then on the park.

The park will be reserved for our club and we can have use of it from sunup to sundown. I think I will try to be there by 6pm if anyone thinks they would want to come earlier let me know maybe I will come earlier too.

However, for the picnic we will have that starting about 7pm it will be potluck unless you want to bring your own picnic, we want everyone to feel ok about coming and not worry cross contamination.

We should expect to maintain proper social distancing where possible and or wearing a mask when that feels better. Of course, we cannot eat with a mask so perhaps bringing a lawn chair might be good and I can bring some fold up tables to help spread people out. We will be responsible for making sure we clean up after ourselves.

Being relatively new to the area and having only gone to one picnic in the past I am flying rather blind. But I remember some brought their radios and maybe even bringing your handheld would be fun.But this is not a requirement.

We will need to be gone by or before sundown which will be about 8:44 pm.

If you are fairly sure you are coming please respond to VIA email n0uyh<at> Also If you have any suggestions of how to make this better I am open to listening.

Families Welcome


Zoom Meetings

Currently the College of Eastern Idaho campus is closed due to corona virus. We are going to try using Zoom to have some gatherings. To prepare, here is a link to Zoom training (website). They have live training each day so you can not only get the training but to experience being connected and watching. You have to register and attend the scheduled meeting. They also have it recorded so it can be view anytime.

There is no cost to participating in a Zoom meeting. You may be asked to download something that will allow you to participate.

WinLink Wednesdays

There seem to be a lot of WinLink Wednesdays. Here is a link to one:

ERARC Objectives
  • To promote interest in Amateur Radio.
  • To further the cooperation between Idaho Falls area Amateur Radio Operators.
  • To provide emergency or public service communications when normal means of communications are disrupted.
  • To advance the state of the Amateur Radio art through individual and collective research.
  • To otherwise conduct programs and activities so as to increase the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community.
  • To support lawful, responsible conduct by its members and the amateur fraternity in general

Live Audio (30 sec delay) from the 146.64mhz ERARC Repeater
Listen to our weekly net every Tuesday at 9pm
The ARRL has a wonderful bi-weekly podcast about all things technical in Amateur Radio. They cover topics like Vertical Antennas and why CW can get thru when SSB may not. You can also ask questions via their site at

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Ham Nation Audio & Video Podcast

Bob Heil K9EID, and Gordon West WB6NOA and various co-hosts and guests, host a weekly show where they cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters.

The show records live Wednesdays at 7pm Mountain at or you can listen or view the recordings at

Thank you to Ham Nation for selecting our website as the website of the week for the November 27th 2013 episode. You can view the segment here.