Meeting Presentations

April 2019 - Tower Safety

Dale Handy NX7G filled in with a segment from the March 20, 2019 Ham Nation podcast regarding tower safety after two notable hams have been killed in tower climbing accidents recently:

We also discussed several different radios that someone starting out might want. Some of the suggestions are:

Baofeng handheld radios:

TYT handheld:

Icom handheld:

QYT mobile (car) radios (about $75):

    QYT KT-8900D -

    QYT KT-8900R -

MFJ magmount antenna:

Feburary 2017 - Feedlines

Alan Fielding K7EFZ & Bob Secondo N7QM presented information about feed lines, how different kinds work and what's better or worse.

January 2017 - RTL-SDR Software Defined Radio

A presentation by Jesse Dickson KC7SIK on the RTL-SDR dongle

RTL-SDR Software Defined ... Presentation Jan 4, 2017

January 2016 - Portable HF Dipole

Harvey Hunter WA3EIB gave a great presentation on a portable HF dipole antenna.

Toilet Valve Antenna by WA3EIB

November 2015

Preparing yourself and your equipment from an Electromagnetic Pule (EMP) or Conoral Mass Ejection (CME) by Joel Croft K7BCI

Coronal mass ejection - Wikipedia

Large CME (coronal mass ejection) -- Unnamed comet SURVIVES solar flyby - 2/24/2015

Earth's Greatest Threat The Sun and Its CMEs Ecology Global Network

The Difference Between EMP and CME The Preparedness Podcast

NASA A First for IRIS Observing a Gigantic Solar Eruption - YouTube

What is a coronal mass ejection or CME Space EarthSky

Traces of enormous solar storms in the ice of Greenland and Antarctica -- ScienceDaily

Protecting Your Electrical Equipment (Word)

Solar Flare or EMP? (Word)

What is a CME? (Word)

March 2014

Low Battery Buzzer Kit - Bob Secondo N7QM

For our May meeting, we will be building a Low Battery Voltage Alarm Kit. Bob discussed how the kit works and why you should have one. The cost of the kits are going to be around $8 which includes an enclosure. If you are interested in building a kit, please give your money to a club officer by April 2nd.

YouTube video on building the FK915 kit

February 2014

ARRL 100 year Celebration:

Bob Secondo N7QM & Alan Fielding K7EFZ showed their 2 meter 17 element Yagi for EME (Moon Bounce) communications.

K7MEM VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna Quick Designer

ARRL Centennial QSO Party

January 2014



Bliss Wheeler W7RUG Presented information on Broadband Hamnet (HSMM Mesh) networking.


November 2013




Quarterly Prize Drawing

October 2013

Chuck Olsen AC7GD discussed RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) and how those in RACES would be activated by Bonneville County in an emergency situation.

RACES Functions Presentation by Chuck Olsen AC7GD

September 2013

Meeting Notes

August 2013 

Annual Club Picnic held at Nancy & Alan Fieldings family park east of Firth

July 2013

Built the kits members ordered from the June meeting. Meeting led by Bob Secondo N7QM & Alan Fielding K7EFZ

June 2013

Bob Secondo N7QM explained about a project for the July meeting involving building kits to project your mobile radio from voltage swings and to keep your radio from draining your vehicle's battery.

Presentation Document

April 2013

National Weather Service Weather Spotter Training

NOAA Pocatello -


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March 2013

Antenna ideas for homes with HOA restrictions by Bob Secondo N7QM and Alan FIelding K7EFZ

Meeting Documents and Pictures

February 2013

Morse Code by Jesse Dickson KC7SIK & Bob Secondo N7QM

January 2013

Meeting Minutes

Soldering by Alan Fielding K7EFZ & Bob Secondo N7QM

    - Youtube video mentioned to demonstrate soldering.