Become a Ham

Testing Resources

While the ERARC does not currently offer testing sessions, there are a couple of options for testing.

If you would like to take the test in person, the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club offers in person ham testing with no preregistration required. For more information go to:

You can also do your ham test from home over the internet. The Rexburg Hams group is now offering online testing to anyone across the US. If you would like to test with them, you can find more information at

If you'd like to test another day, you can find a list of available online test sessions by going to 

What is Amateur Radio??

To get a Ham Radio license, you do need to take a written multiple choice test. A great study guide is the American Radio Relay League's Ham Radio License Manual.

If you're interested in self study, David Casler KE0OG has put together a great video series to go along with the ARRL License Manual to help you. You can visit his site at or you can view a play list of his videos here. Thank you Dave Casler for putting these videos together!

All of the questions on the test are multiple choice. The questions and answers are in the license manual and will be worded exactly as listed on the test. You can take practice tests online at

Amateur Radio has many different things you can play and experiment with from emergency service, Morse code, amateur television, slow scan tv, data modes, satellite and space station work, and bouncing signals on the moon. We have monthly meetings where we discuss an interesting subject. Our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend; no license required.